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Talent Concept

Respect and care

Pay attention to the personality and specialty of employees, respect and meet the multi-level needs of employees, and care about the growth and development of employees. The company provides employees with a complete welfare and performance reward mechanism, implements a 1 yuan meal system, with three Chinese dishes (one meat and two vegetables) and two dinner dishes (one meat and one vegetable), so that the employees can eat full and eat well; the chairman's love fund is set up to help the needy employees, so that every employee can feel the warmth of the company's home.

Learning and training

The company has been committed to improve the knowledge and skills of employees, stimulate the creativity and potential of employees, and improve the comprehensive quality of the team. The company has established a scientific and standardized training system and management system. Training and learning of traditional culture and lean production knowledge are set up throughout the year, so that employees can improve their personal quality through learning, so as to achieve the purpose of benefiting individuals, enterprises and society. At the same time, we should teach employees in accordance with their aptitude according to their specialty, so as to provide more learning opportunities and better resources for excellent employees, so as to help them grow and become talents.

Shantian abrasive Co., Ltd.
Shantian abrasive Co., Ltd.

Innovation and motivation

The company encourages all staff to innovate, formulates innovation incentive system, establishes innovation reward fund, reviews and rewards innovation projects of each department every month, so as to express employees' good ideas and suggestions, and provides landing and transformation platform, so as to promote the company's continuous innovation.

Shantian abrasive Co., Ltd.

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