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Shantian New Materials Group Won the title of "new and old kinetic energy conversion model enterprise" in Linyi City

In the afternoon of June 16, 2023, Linyi City held a high-quality development work conference, at which the advanced counties and districts, advanced development zones (parks) and exemplary organization, as well as meritorious entrepreneurs, industry leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs, and pacesetters in the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in high-quality development comprehensive performance assessment and investment promotion were solemnly commended, ShantianNew Materials Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "2022 Model Enterprise for New and Old Energy Conversion". In recent years, Shantian New Materials Group has continued to adhere to the core concept of "high quality, low cost, and craftsmanship spirit", focusing on the intensive cultivation of the new materials industry, forming a chain industrial structure with advanced new materials as the core and ceramic intelligent equipment and silicon carbon negative electrode materials as the wings. The market share of silicon carbide ceramic rollers has reached 40%, ranking first in the country. The company has been recognized as a national level single champion demonstration enterprise. In future work, Shantian Group will deeply implement the spirit of the city's high-quality development work conference, further increase investment in high-end talent introduction and technology research and development, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in new processes, new technologies, and new product research and development. Through measures such as informatization and intelligence, Shantian Group will achieve the first market share in the industry and achieve comprehensive first in quality, cost, and efficiency. To contribute Shantian's strength to the goal of achieving a "two year trillion yuan increase in quantity and quality" in Linyi and the construction of a modern Linshu city with "strong wealth and beauty".

Shantian Grinding participates in 2020SNEC Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition

On August 8, 2020, the 2020SNEC Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition opened grandly. Gong Zhizhong, deputy general manager of Shantian Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd., led the production, technology,

Linshu CPPCC Chairman Wu Yuqin visited Shantian for investigation

Recently, Wu Yuqin, Chairman of the Linshu County CPPCC, accompanied by the Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the County Taxation Bureau Gao Wei,

Shantian Grinding Holds "Credit Management, You and Me Together" Commitment Signing Event

On May 16, Shantian Abrasives Co., Ltd. held the "Credit Linyi You and Me Together" commitment signature event. The chairman of the company Gong Zhigang led company-level leaders, heads of various departments and logistics management personnel to solemnly swear and sign on the signature wall.

Shantian Grinding passed the three-system management certification

After the on-site audit by experts from the China Federation of Things Joint Certification Center, the quality management of Shantian Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Wang Jianhua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Linshu County People's Congress, visited Shantian for investigation

On the morning of February 18, Wang Jianhua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Linshu County People's Congress,

Pang Dian, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Linshu Subdistrict, came to Shantian to investigate

On the afternoon of February 18th, Pang Dian, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Linshu Street, came to Shantian Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd. to investigate and learn more about the company's production and operation in 2019 and its 2020 plan. Chairman Gong Zhigang accompanied and introduced the company's relevant situation.

Linshu County CPPCC Party Secretary Wu Yuqin visited Shantianfor investigation

On the morning of February 19th,Wu Yuqin,Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Linshu County CPPCC,accompanied by Gao Wei,Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Linshu County Taxation Bureau and other leaders,

Linshu County Committee of the Communist Youth League donated disinfectant to help Shantian safe production

On the morning of February 27th, Gao Shenrong, deputy secretary of the Linshu County Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Mr. Du from Tianyi Company,

Shantian Grinding Hosts Online Speech Contest to Implement Disciple Regulations

In order to test the results of studying and implementing the rules of disciples,we encourage cadres and employees to inspire fighting spirit,strengthen their confidence,

Shandong Shantian Li Daoyou donated 300 masks to the company

On the afternoon of March 17, Li Daoyou, an employee of Shandong Shantian New Material Scientific Research Co., Ltd., donated 300 masks worth more than 900 yuan to the company,
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