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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

ssEnterprise mission: Based on new material industry, intensive cultivation
Research and development industry leading technology, the introduction of international first-class equipment, equipped with world-class materials, production of high-quality high-end products, accurate and high-quality services, based on the new material industry, intensive cultivation.
Corporate vision: to create maximum value for customers, to build an innovation platform for employees, and to contribute to social development.
Become the industry benchmark enterprises, with high-quality high-end products, continue to create maximum value for customers.
To provide employees with room for growth and innovation, and create more awesome entrepreneurial stage for employees.
Make contributions to the economic and social development.
ssCore values:honest, integrity, CO creation and win-win.    
Integrity is the life of an enterprise and the moral bottom line of employees; efficiency is the engine of rapid development; innovation is the soul of an enterprise; transcendence is the driving force of an enterprise; and win-win is the original target of the enterprise.
Enterprise philosophy: do yourself well and benefit others with integrity.
Be yourself. Practice the "rules of disciples", consciously use laws and regulations, moral standards, strict requirements of their own. We should be honest and trustworthy, "keep your word and do what you do.". To do a good job in their own work, have the ability to "want to do things, can do things, will do things, do things, no accident" ability. We should actively learn new knowledge, new skills, new ideas and new thinking, and constantly improve our ability to find and solve problems.
Integrity and good for others. We should set up the thinking of benefiting others and consider the interests and feelings of others. When you are in trouble, think in other people's shoes. Be more tolerant, understanding, helpful and supportive to customers, colleagues, family members and friends. We should be honest and trustworthy, civilized and courteous, modest and prudent, abide by discipline and law, be upright and outspoken, be selfless, and be dedicated to benefiting others.
ssBusiness rules: do a good job in big things, do small things carefully, do fine details, and finish things every day.
Make good use of PDCA, 5W1H, man-machine material method, environment, 5S, five elements and other management tools to achieve skilled use, mastery and resonance at the same frequency; make good use of PDCA tools to link the work plan and implementation plan from the formulation, implementation, practicable, inspection and correction.
To do well is to implement standardization as a whole, strive for perfection and more perfection.
To be meticulous is to refine, start from small things, start from details, pay attention to details, pay attention to the process, seek progress in stability, and seek good in detail.
To be precise is to study deeply and cultivate intensively, which is unique.
The end of the day is to internalize in the heart, externalize in the line, really grasp the practical work, not to stop until the goal is achieved.

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