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R&D Platform

R&D Platform

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  Shantian abrasive Co., Ltd. has 7 R & D platforms at or above the provincial level, such as postdoctoral research workstation and academician workstation. Relying on the R & D platforms, the company cooperates extensively with scientific research institutes, and has inserted wings for the sound and rapid development of enterprises.
ss  Postdoctoral research station:
  The construction was approved in October 2018. Through public recruitment, three doctors entered the scientific research workstation in April 2019, and gradually established the research direction. After selection and expert evaluation, the projects presided over by two doctors in the scientific research workstation won the first and second-class general funding of the Postdoctoral Science Foundation in 2019, which is the only enterprise in Linyi with two postdoctoral fellows receiving funding at the same time.
ss  Academician station:
  On August 15, 2016, Shantian abrasive Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Academician Xu of Chinese Academy of engineering and his team to prepare for the construction of the Academy's soldier workstation. Gong Zhigang, chairman of Shantian abrasive Co., Ltd., and Major General Xu Bin, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of armored Force Engineering College, respectively signed the cooperation documents. County leader Liu Fei and others attended the signing ceremony.

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